Richard Gilmore, Artist

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Rick is a northwest native and lifetime artist specializing in detailed pen and ink, ink and water color wash, colored pencil, and graphite images. Subject matter ranges from vintage motorcycles, bicycles, and automobiles to early architecture, wildlife, unique event flyer/poster art, and surrealistic visualizations. His canvases have spanned everything from the common drawing pads and specialty papers to the challenges of the ostrich egg and human skin.

Rick began his art career as early as Jr High School when his talents were recognized by his various art teachers who ended up purchasing many of his creations.  This continued into his time in the Navy where his skills were tapped into as a draftsman illustrator, and then again later when he attended college and, once again, his professors purchased much of the artwork he produced.  His love for drawing and creating comes only second to the joys and challenges of raising 4 rambunctious and individually unique, happy, and responsible boys to adulthood.

Rick continues to share his talents, not only in the art world but in his community as he constantly strives to be an active and involved citizen.